Oct 162014

BUY BBBY 100 NOV 14 62.5 PUT @1.97
Left my self a calendar note to short the crap out of BBBY today. Looks like perfect entry time. The thing that is really catching my eye is the weekly chart. Looks like mega downside for around a month. In this market I’m looking for mainly rally proof stocks and this seems to fit right in. I recently switched the Awesome Oscillator to the TTM_Squeeze which is basically the same thing except it has a pressure range on it. When the little dots fill in then chances are it’s gonna pop in the direction of the wave.  Great for short term trading and entries. Works best in the 15min – 30 min, or longer, chart ranges.

11/21/14 – Expired worthless. DOH! Man I really blew it in November. It’s my bad-luck month. I put this on with the house’s money and got hosed. Expired at $72.


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