Oct 182016

Grains – Pull back maybe coming up on the 3 main grains. Wheat, Corn, and Beans. If they form a handle and break out it could be the real deal. Watch out for the Over-Bought in a Weak Trending Market.
Oats – This is the one I’ve been waiting for. The only future that might meet all 10 criteria of my check list so I need to stay in it for the long haul if possible. It came down and stopped me out for a good gain but then it found some buyers and I jumped back on when it formed the handle and broke out. I’m long Oats both in the front month and in the H7 contract and both are preforming nicely.
Cotton – Let’s see if cotton can sustain this push.
Coffee – Just triggered a break out long. The coffee trade seems more like a small swing than a nice big long, when running through the check list, but let’s see if the ADX can breach 30.
Live Cattle – Looking nice off the bottom. Nice gradual rise. 3 days had tests of whole dollar figure. 98 test, 99 test, 100 test so I’ll be looking for a reset here around 97.25 and then look for a handle break out to get a good long. This could be a huge trade.
Hogs – Holy crap! New lows in hogs! It’s insane. Tomorrow will be exciting in the Hog Market.


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