Dec 062019

Hyberfil.sys literally sucks your hard drive dry. If you don’t use hibernate mode on your computer then you can save a ton of disc space by telling windows to stop using the option.

In the command prompt just type in-

“powercfg -h off”

The computer will pause for a sec and then you’ll notice about %10 of your hard space was recovered. This is because windows deleted the file hiberfil.sys.

You can find the folders that are eating up your drives by using the app WinDirStat. It’s kickass!

You can also compress your “Installers” folder in the “Windows” folder to free up another nice chunk.

After using these options my hard drive is looking good again. Went from like zero free-space to over 10Gig free. =D

Nov 232019


The guys also cover some other crap like the Behringer TD-3, Behringer Wing, Wave’s Brauer Motion, Wave’s H-Reverb, Roland Fantom, and the Fairlight computer system.

Nov 222019


The Cybertruck was unveiled last night.

The Tesla company with CEO Elon Musk live streamed the much anticipated unveil that’s fans around the world tuned into with popcorn and chin-holders ready.
Did you see it? It was big news.
So, who came up with that cool name? NOT!
That’s like the gayest name ever!
The only name lamer would have been something from stupid Apple like “iTruck”.

That body design is so exciting! ,,,  well maybe not.
Probably exciting to the progressive trendy folk, I’m sure.
But let’s see what the people are saying.

They claim it’s 9mm bullet proof.

Arg, the window test didn’t go over well.

The stagger on the wheel must be Talladega ready.

I find it strange that the occupants were dressed like Matrix Agents.

They even got the stupid Asian anime crap going on for the trendies.

At first glance I, and many others, thought of this,

The live unveil had some interesting comments.

I think Nikola Tesla is rolling in his grave.
You know his plan wasn’t to use a bunch of super nasty environmentally-destructive batteries for his power source.
Nikola Tesla was going to have energy flow through the ambient and give it away for free from hydroelectric, the Earth’s magnetic field, and zero point every.
This is a disgrace to the renewable energy movement.

This is not renewable energy!