Jun 152017

Take a little operation mockingbird, add a pinch of stockholm syndrome brain-holes via big pharma with some Aspartame, Abilify, Adapin, Anafranil, Aplenzin, Asendin, Aventyl HCI, BHT, Celexa, Cymbalta, Desyrel, Effexor XR, Emsam, Etrafon, Elavil, Endep, Fetzima, Khedezla, Latuda, Lamictal, Lexapro, Limbitrol, Marplan, Nardil, Norpramin, Oleptro, Pamelor, Parnate, Paxil, Pexeva, Prozac, Pristiq, Remeron, Sarafem, Seroquel XR, Serzone, Sinequan, Surmontil, Symbyax, Tofranil, Triavil, Trintelllix, Viibryd, Vivactil, Wellbutrin, Zoloft, Zyprexa, etc,,,
and you got an army of pathetic morons.

Jun 132017

So in my quest to fill my cranium with knowledge on every single aspect of every commodity I came across something interesting that might be huge in my trading future. So not only am I keeping a close eye on multiple contracts but I want to see what happens to the open interest as time goes on and right now I’m noticing a big difference in an occurrence in crude that might be huge. Notice the front month contract of crude.

Is crude interesting?

I’ve been noticing that when looking at commodity charts that the open interest has been going up a lot on big moves down, which has confused me, and as the time fades on this crude front month JULY contract we see the open interest flush out of it. But what drew me to noticing this was looking at the contracts that are further out.

Now on this AUG contract we can see a considerable difference in open interest as if maybe they are rolling out of that JULY and right into the AUG. Maybe I’m wrong but let’s look a out a bit further.

and surprise surprise! We see a little lift on both the open interest and positive price action. I’m thinking the funds may be slowly rolling contracts.. But are they long contracts..? Well, it kinda seems like they may be pushing up the price a little bit but not to much. So how about we just take a look at the open interest big picture.

So there ya go..  Now we have the bigger picture of whats going on. But lets even take it one further cause you can never cut your trades short when it comes to being informed. The COT will take our trading to the next level.

Ok, so now I can see something kinda of interesting. When looking at the crude COT you always have to keep an eye on the swap dealers. They aren’t all that important in most commodities but in crude they are HUGE! Swap dealers and Producers are the sell side of the market and looking at this chart we can see them add to their short position which would usually mean that there could be some future bullish price action coming up. Now some of the CME floor traders are talking about the low 40’s for crude. Ok! well that’s all and good but when swap dealers are adding to shorts I would be very cautious shorting here.

So now we have the big picture and in conclusion,, I have no clue. But I can say keep an eye on the spread and I guarantee you will find an amazing trade. If they roll into a hefty long position, which they are currently in and adding to, it will be a huge move and the spread will show you what is actually happening. Now I think they may slam the front month down as they pile into the further out contracts, continuing to hold long positions,  so I’ll be looking for a couple opportunities to trade the spread back in from -1$ as the front month will be moving faster than the back months. But shiot, I donno…

Good luck!  ~J

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Jun 092017

Is what the ultra-arrogant MSM, political leaders, hollywood stars, etc,, actually think. Like when Colbert still makes jokes about how Trump’s inauguration crowd-photo and how it had a fraction of the ppl because he thinks you are so dumb that you wouldn’t do ANY home work, at all, and find out that it was complete BS, and even debunked by the same network “CNN”. And he rubs it in too! So if you don’t believe in the false foundation that the joke is built on, then you are a joke and a dumb asshole. Well thanks CBS! Good job!

“Oh the arrogance!” as the Hindenburg burns and crashes.

Remember when Jay Leno would make witty jokes about funny facts that ppl could relate to and felt good to laugh at.

Now you got assholes like Colbert and Seth Meyers that actually think you are so dumb that you’ll laugh at the falsehoods when preached, and if you don’t laugh then your the enemy.
“Earth to asshole elite scumbags” jokes based on a false foundation is not funny, it’s propaganda and brain-washing!

Now following the Comey death spiral I see Colbert slowly backing out of his forceful political-pussy-pushing position. So maybe we won’t hear anymore stupid Russia propaganda (joke for stupid ppl) based on lies that they kept drilling into everyone’s brains while blasting a bright-ass applause sign in the crowds face.

Ya know, they could have made some funny jokes, Jay Leno style, about how Comey is leaking documents, has a side computer that he makes memos on (Hillary style) or how he blatantly perjured himself. But no, you won’t hear nothing silly like that. How about some more propaganda!!

Here’s an interesting read…

If there are ppl out there that are actually buying into that kind of entertainment is so far deep in the swamp that they may never return to reality. Society is in trouble if that’s the case.

Jun 012017

The 15th Annual Colorado Belt is almost here! An obnoxious 5 days of non-stop disc golf and partying is very much possible for this special event so be prepared for the ultimate challenge. This is not your mama’s disc golf tournament.
The 2017 series begins on Friday 6/23/17. The route will likely visit the N/E front range courses which will be a first for the Colorado Belt series.

$25 entry – gets you a custom CO Belt t-shirt or disc. Winner gets a massive pool of loot and takes the belt.
Route and tournament subject to change upon vote from the “Council Of Belt Disc Golf”.

Prelims –
6/22/17 – 12PM Centre Hills (Aurora)

Tournament –
6/23/17 – 10am Adams Hollow (Brighton)
6/23/17 – 3pm Pesimist (Fort Morgan) (14 basket version)
CAMPING @ Riverside Park
6/24/17 – 10:30am Pioneer Park DGC (Sterling)
6/24/17 – 3:30pm Opimist (Fort Morgan)
CAMPING @ Riverside Park
6/25/17 – 10:30am Outback (Greeley)
6/25/17 – 2pm Oxbow (Windsor)
6/25/17 – 4:30pm WCMS Cougar (Loveland)

Extra or Tie Breaker Rounds (Sanctioned by the council of Belt DiscGolf)
6/26/17 – 11am Valmont (Boulder)
6/26/17 – Loomiller / Centennial (Longmont)

90 required baskets during tournament days to qualify with a potential of 167 total to get you your best score.
The Belt series has been using a score calculation system of taking a required amount of  total baskets played and then taking the best 90 baskets (5 – 18 basket courses) summed from 9 consecutive basket chunks to give you your best score rewarding the most consistently good players and the ones who attend more courses usually end up with a better score. Tournament is subject to change upon vote from the Council of Belt Disc Golf.

May 242017

My Trade Buddy JHunt told me to believe, but I’m just not feeling the Euro trade he mentioned.. It’s not really my style I guess. But I do believe in his trade and if it works out then my trade will surely be very nice.  =D

GIVE ME SOME BEANS!!!!!!!  Crush my nuts if you want and make oil and meal out of them and feed them to livestock. They are made of titanium and love prevails. My love for beans and the farmers busting their ass to feed us for pennies. Let’s do it funds. You want to mess with me. I’m going to kick your ass!

Over sold, weak trending market,,  Kamen would say “Got to look for the move up”.

Crop condition reports will start up in a couple weeks. As for now stagnant chop with the funds holding shorts like a bunch of jerks trying to screw everyone.

The funds will reverse, China buying more and more at a record pace, US farmers getting washed out, Brazil currency reversed back up, USD coming off..
Fundamentals are strong!!

  • BUY ZSX7 @ 9492

NOVE BEANS! I believe! But not as much like Lenny Kravits and more like Polar Express.

Believe this ->

Pulled off the position today and had some good trades in beans. It was tough but it worked out. Got like 27$ out of it. Here’s the updates – https://www.reddit.com/r/Commodities/comments/6d7b9m/i_believe_soybeans/

May 222017

New study from our trusty authorities say that you should not feed your child juice.


But don’t worry, here’s a great alternative!
Consider swapping the juice for some potentially deadly vaccines!  YEY!


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