Jun 172019

Even more warnings for environmental radiation levels via cell service.

Cell phone radiation causing cancer should be a no-brainer nowadays.

Updated reports of 8 children and 3 teachers have been diagnosed with cancer at Weston Elementary School in Ripon which has had a Sprint cell town right next to the building. Just recently Dr. Jack Kruse took his EMF Acoustimeter into Los Angeles to test the microwave radiation and the levels from the newly installed 5G towers were off the charts stating that “LA is a DeathtrapRT”.



Jun 122019

New study just came out revealing that almost all the old school cereals contain glyphosate especially the ones marketed to children. But we already new this right because our leaders have been knowingly letting this poison taint our ecosystems for all this time? I mean it seems obvious now that it’s an effort driven by the elites for population reduction via eugenics. Can we agree that the EPA is a scam now? Some say that all oats have been poisoned with herbicides. I believe it is, cause the same ppl have been predicting this future for a long time, so basically anyone who they call “conspiracy theorists” are actually talking about true conspiracies. They were right all along.
Yummy! I’m so Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs.



Dec 242014

Merry Christmas to all!  I really wish you true peace and harmony.

So here’s a story for ya;
I attended my daughters Christmas concert for her preschool held at one of our local churches. I sometimes feel weird being around the other parents because they all know that we are the “vegan” family, the only family out of about 20 that doesn’t  eat animals or exploit them in anyway, but it didn’t stop me from joining the celebration. So I’m sitting there enjoying their goofy little tunes and having fun but then towards the end of the program they asked that all the people in the room stand up and sing a song together. It was the song called “Let There Be Peace On Earth” and as soon as I started singing it I got this real dark feeling come over me and I was already feeling a little queasy because I really don’t like %99 of churches or their practices, anyway…  So here I am holding hands and singing this song about “peace on Earth”, “in perfect harmony”, bla bla, and I can’t but feel extremely offended by this because we, Claire, Sophie, and myself, are the only ones in the room that actually practice what we preach/sing.  I realized that everyone around us singing, besides the children of coarse, are basically slapping us in the face with their hypocritical singing.  It was very apparent because right outside the main hall was a table full of animal products waiting to be devoured by everyone. How peaceful can putting animals through a life of suffering and abuse be? And harmony with nature by supporting animal agriculture that is destroying the planet..?  What a bunch of bullshit!  So my conclusion, which wasn’t really a surprise, is that everyone one who isn’t vegan and going around singing Christmas carols about peace on Earth is so fucking full of shit and they are psychotic because they are fooling themselves into thinking they are being peaceful.  It’s a true slap in the face to people that are actually living a peaceful lifestyle and trying to do well in treating the planet with respect.

Are these ppl just to dumb to realize this? or are they knowingly doing it and just evil?  They actually feed their heads this false bullshit and then go out and exhaust the planet’s resources till their own doom.  What the fuck is wrong with these ppl?

“To hide in the shadows of suffering only darkens one’s soul.” ~JVonD

Here’s a video that’s about the Christmas ham.