Jun 122019

New study just came out revealing that almost all the old school cereals contain glyphosate especially the ones marketed to children. But we already new this right because our leaders have been knowingly letting this poison taint our ecosystems for all this time? I mean it seems obvious now that it’s an effort driven by the elites for population reduction via eugenics. Can we agree that the EPA is a scam now? Some say that all oats have been poisoned with herbicides. I believe it is, cause the same ppl have been predicting this future for a long time, so basically anyone who they call “conspiracy theorists” are actually talking about true conspiracies. They were right all along.
Yummy! I’m so Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs.



Jun 122019

Great news for children! Operation “Broken Heart” took down 1700 child sex predators.


In the meantime the liberal/left and fake news media are not happy with this while pushing their virtue-signaling campaign of “more tolerance less hate” and actually supporting and promoting predatory actions against children. It’s now just a belligerent reality. Let’s not forget history because the left’s fascist move to delete history and shut down free-speech is still alive and well. Remember when Good Morning America promoted the Amazing Desmond, a child who has gone through being raised in the drag queen pedo lifestyle that is destroying families all around America.
Proud pedophiles.


NBC News: Hillary Clinton ‘Covered Up’ Pedophile Ring At State Department