Sep 052019

Yet another example of major bias even to the highest levels. Soon after Trump retweeted raducom’s tweet showing support, the raducom account was suspended. WTF!

Social Media  and “Lame Stream Media” is completely out of control. The social credit score system already exists and is getting closer to destroying all free society completely. As Alex Jones mentions on the recent show, soon if you do not have a cell phone to track you, you will have no way to conduct commerce, your mobility will be restrained, and you may even be considered a criminal.

Aug 092019

Former Hollywood elite Richard Gere changes careers to human trafficking. On this new video he shows the world how much of a scumbag he really is when he talks about how he takes donated money and uses it for human trafficking of boat loads of ppl, most of which are military aged men, to other countries. As we’ve seen in the documentary Borderless this is far from ppl needing amnesty. These ppl are promised a better life, jobs, healthcare, free stuff etc, and in some cases, like in South America, they are given pre-paid credit cards as they complete legs of the trip to the US southern border. It’s just another authoritarian push to bring the 3rd world societies to other countries to oppress the locals via incompatibility which then stresses the country and the “rich get richer and the poor get poorer” so that the elite can hold power and enslave the population by Socialism and Communism.