Aug 092019

Former Hollywood elite Richard Gere changes careers to human trafficking. On this new video he shows the world how much of a scumbag he really is when he talks about how he takes donated money and uses it for human trafficking of boat loads of ppl, most of which are military aged men, to other countries. As we’ve seen in the documentary Borderless this is far from ppl needing amnesty. These ppl are promised a better life, jobs, healthcare, free stuff etc, and in some cases, like in South America, they are given pre-paid credit cards as they complete legs of the trip to the US southern border. It’s just another authoritarian push to bring the 3rd world societies to other countries to oppress the locals via incompatibility which then stresses the country and the “rich get richer and the poor get poorer” so that the elite can hold power and enslave the population by Socialism and Communism.

Jun 172019

The Deep State just made a major attack on Alex Jones by trying to turn him to what they are, evil child molesting pedophiles.

On his live broadcast this past Friday Jones put’s a 1 million dollar bounty to convict the person who set him up in an email scam. An Obama lawyer tried to have Jones indicted by the FBI for archiving child porn on the infowars servers. Jones had a hunch saying “We knew it was coming.” that his enemies were getting more desperate to take him out after their Sandy Hook lawsuits, which were setup to defame and bankrupt him, continue to fail so he paid to have a data mining firm scan all the Infowars 9.6 million emails for sabotage and sure enough, they found some. The emails were subjected as Sandy Hook hate mail and contained hidden embeded PDF images of child porn. If the emails had been open it would have been disastrous for Infowars and Jones but they were never opened. FBI and law enforcement has found Jones as the victim so he is safe from further trouble that the enemies were hoping to use to destroy him. Jones lashed out at the Democrats and an Obama appointed attorney Chris Mattei as the one’s who are behind the scam as his lawyer Norm Pattis on the show was trying to stop him from laying blame and offering money leading to a conviction. At many times through the show you can see Pattis’s jaw drop from the things Jones was saying on the show and had to force him to stop talking. Jones said Infowars will be posting the meta data so anyone can try and track the sender for a 100 thousand dollar reward, and 1 million dollars for a conviction. First they paint others as Russian agents and now pedophiles. Once again we find the liberal/left falsely accusing others with their own crimes and evil actions.

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Jun 132019

It’s so progressive to chop off your kid’s junk. It’s the new trendy thing to do! if your liberal. A Brazilian mother ended up stabbing her 9 year old child to death after a she botched a sex change job while forcing him to become female. It’s all the new rage of the progressive transgender movement.

Brazil: Lesbian Couple Who Tried to Force Transgender Surgery on 9-Year-Old Boy Stab Him to Death