Sep 082015

JVonD and Aphonix jam it out Arnold style. Also joined by Matthieu Lafontaine. The guys talk about scratching techniques, new portable synths, and cool sampling sounds.

Apr 082013

JVonD welcomes Mr. P Chill, Cleen, and DJ Nocturnal. Enjoy their old school hip hop with badass turntablism accompaniment. Call ins, Sleeprockers, and a bonus track from The Thief.

Jul 192007

Hang out with JVonD and co-host Брок Честер as they check out Producer/Turntablist a href=”” target=”_blank”>Nano-kin performing live in the studio. Later in the evening they have a jam session.
Comments from HippieGeekBook & ~Micheal~.
Call in from Oblivion. Drinking Avery Brewing Beer!

Sep 062005

DJ Sub1 and Euro DJ from Los Angeles stop by to mix it up. Listen in as Euro DJ spin’s Trance and DJ Sub1 scratches fatalities.

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