Jul 142014

– BUY CALENDAR FDX 100 (Weeklys) AUG5 14/JUL4 14 150 PUT @1.70
Looking for FDX to stay flat or go down in the near future. As volatility rises the option becomes more valuable.


7/23/14 – SELL CALENDAR FDX 100 AUG1 14/JUL4 14 150 PUT @.39
Rolled into the next week.

7/30/14 – SELL CALENDAR FDX 100 AUG2 14/AUG1 14 150 PUT @.68
Rolled again…

8/6/14 – SELL CALENDAR FDX 100 AUG 14/AUG2 14 150 PUT @.36
Rolled it. This order was snatched up a little early. Probably should have waited longer but oh well.. Looking good here considering the market got crushed and drove this stock way down along with UPS getting crushed on earnings.  I should be able to close out of this trade in a week for a profit or continue the roll one more time and try and get even more.
So far I paid $1.70 and I’ve made back $1.43 with a good chance of 2 better trades coming up.

8/12/14 – SELL CALENDAR FDX 100 AUG4 14/AUG 14 150 PUT @.64
Rolled again..

8/20/14 – SELL CALENDAR FDX 100 AUG5 14/AUG4 14 150 PUT @.55
Closed the trade. So I paid $1.70 and sold it for $2.62. Good trade! %54 profit.