Jul 162014

– SELL WFM 100 (Weeklys) AUG1 14 33 PUT @.35
This stock is way cheap right now. I wouldn’t mind owning the stock at this price so I sold puts. If the stock stays above $33 by the end of the first week in August then I keep the money that I sold the contract for. If it drops below $33 then I will have to buy the shares at that strike price, not a big deal considering that I don’t mind holding the stock at this price. BUT of coarse, I will have the chance to roll the position if needed. I’m thinking the stock will go up before the next earnings report which is at the end of July which would give me an opportunity to buy the trade back for a profit.


7/30/14 – BUY WFM 100 AUG1 14 33 PUT @.21
Took a little profit today before the earnings. Wasn’t much but %40+ within a couple weeks ain’t bad. I think it’s gonna pop but considering the risk I’ll take a little bit off of my potential profit to take all risk off.  I’ll be looking at buying calls in the near future on Whole Foods.