Jul 312014

– BUY CALENDAR NEM 100 SEP 14/AUG2 14 26 CALL @.48
This has been one of my favorite trades over the last few months. It works a little weird cause the next monthly option only comes on the market on the previous Thursday which only gives you 2 days to roll but it seems to be priced well when it is traded.


8/7/14 – SELL CALENDAR NEM 100 AUG 14/AUG2 14 26 CALL @.23
Rolled it before the close. S&P is right down to 1900 at the close. Tomorrow will be a major tell all for the market. I really did not want to hold into Friday. It’s going to be crazy I bet.

8/18/14 – SELL NEM 100 AUG4 14 26 CALL @.71
Huge sell!  Already profitable and have the option to keep rolling for a couple weeks.  Went on the disc golf vaca and it seems the short was never rolled and never assigned to me and expired worthless.  Sweet!

8/22/14 – SOLD CALENDAR NEM 100 AUG5 14/AUG4 14 26 CALL @.12
Rolled it. Think I could have gotten a better price but I didn’t do my in depth pricing research.

8/29/14 – SELL CALENDAR NEM SEP 14/AUG5 14 26 CALL @.16
Closed the trade. The total was $1.22 – .48 = .74 – .54(commisions) = $.20
After commissions the profit is around %41.

Although I love this trade I don’t think I’ll be making it no more cause the commissions are killing me.