Aug 272014

– BUY CALENDAR UNP OCT 14/SEP1 14 105 CALL @1.40
First trade on UNP. Things just popped so gonna try and capture the sideways action all the way to UNP’s earnings.


9/4/14 – SELL CALENDAR UNP SEP2 14/SEP1 14 105 CALL @.00
Well this trade fucking sucks. UNP just fricken rallied $2.  Geez! There’s a chance that the stupid thing would have dropped some, or noT! I got really sick, literally sick to my stomach, of looking at it so I wanted to just roll it without a huge loss. Basically rolling it for $0 is a loss.  I may be able to scratch this trade in the near future. FUCK SHIT FUCK I SUCK!

9/9/14 – SOLD CALENDAR UNP SEP 14/SEP2 14 105 CALL @.18
Man I fucking suck. Here’s another shitty roll.

9/16/14 – SOLD CALENDAR UNP SEP4 14/SEP 14 105 CALL @.25
Rolled it again. Big time loser.  Ogh well.  Bad month for me and calendars.

9/25/14 – SOLD CALENDAR UNP 100 OCT1 14/SEP4 14 105 CALL @.33
Rolled it!

10/1/14 – SOLD CALENDAR UNP 100 OCT2 14/OCT1 14 105 CALL @.41
Rolled it..

10/7/14 – SOLD CALENDAR UNP 100 OCT 14/OCT2 14 105 CALL @.45
Finally closed this piece of crap. The trade ended up being an even scratch after commissions.