Aug 262015

– BOT +1 /6EZ5 1/125000 OCT 15 /6EV5 1.16 CALL @.0096
Here she is folks! The “RockinJay Euro Bull Run” trade! I thought it was a good looking trade because I could hedge with a cheap /DX call option but when I tried to put on the trade I realized that the /DX options weren’t tradeable. Please watch the Trade Buddies Live episode labeled “Euro Bull Run” to understand the trade better and why I’m in because this trade goes against a lot of my newer trading rules that I’ve been talking about on the show. Here’s why I’m a little freaked out. It pulled back and close below the 200 DMA following what seems to be a huge failed attempt at break out above. It’s over bought on the slow stochastic. The DI’s are retreating toward each other for a possible crossover. In my mind this will most likely test the 111 support.  Reminds me of what happened to beans.


It doesn’t even look as good as beans was back then when you consider 2 big engulfing candles on high volume to close below the 200 DMA. Well, “I’m scared”, but for the sake of learning I will leave the trade on and test my intestinal fortitude, like Rick says.  hehe


The next morning..


8/31/15 – RockinJay asked for an updated chart after 3 days.  Here it is…

9/2/2015 – Getting worse.  hehe  I don’t think Draghi helped my situation this morning


%100 loser! RockinJay this trade sucked dude! 😉