Jun 072016

BUY /CTZ6 @65.87
Buy some Cotton! I got the December contract.


7/10/16 – SELL /CTZ6 @65.48

7/10/16 – BUY /CTZ6 @65.46

WASDE freaked me out and I fucked up using stupid TOS while setting up a “double sell stop” to execute a reversal on a big move down but it ended up being a “sell limit” and triggered imidietly. So I reentered the position following WASDE at a lower level.  So with cotton trading around $65 I’m currently down about $260.  FUCK!
The chart below looks descent though with the COT showing that big money is looking for cotton to move a little higher.

Cotton 7/10/16

6/13/16 – BUY /CTZ6 @63.75
Tough trade. I doubled my long here. I need to have patience and let the trade work while taking some pretty huge pain. My average is now 64.60 with 2 contracts.  I will take one off right near my break even.

6/16/16 – SELL /CTZ6 @64.61
I got filled during the early morning, at break even, when I sleeping. So now my average is right here at 64.60 and expecting a nice pop off this base at 64.

6/22/16 – SOLD /CTZ6 @64.90
This morning I put a trailstop on it. I’m really freaked out about this stupid Bregzit thing so I cleaned out my account. I guess I’m a little worried about the dollar moving big which would effect all the pricing on commodities so I have nothing in my account right now. So for the Dec. contract I’m currently up a bit over $100. I’ll be looking to get back in on a lot of commodities very soon.