Sep 222014

-SOLD MCD 100 OCT1 14 94 CALL @.75
I’m constantly trying to short the shit out of MCD because I hate the company. So I’m looking for it to go lower. On the daily I see the stock is well overbought with it coming out of a bullish engulfing last week along with it’s upward trend. The market seems to be in a downward trend too.  I don’t see a lot of pressure to the down side so I’m selling calls so that I can roll it if needed instead of buying puts which can hurt more with a less chance of recovering a bad move.

9/26/14 – SOLD DIAGONAL MCD 100 NOV1 14/OCT1 14 96/94 CALL @.12
Rolled it to a 96 strike price for a small credit. Looking for this puppy to tank well before the 96 range.

10/6/14 – BOT MCD 100 NOV1 14 96 CALL @1.11
Dam it. I didn’t realized I rolled it today when I closed the trade. DOH! Was going to scratch it from what TOS was telling me.  Hangovers suck for trading.
Think it’s a %30 loser after commissions.