Oct 152014

– BUY AAPL 100 NOV 14 97.5 PUT @4.35
Man I fricken hate Apple and their stupid “i” series crap and all the stupid logos that ppl flash looking like idiots, etc.  I couldn’t wait to short this thing. This is my first AAPL play and I don’t even care if I take a little loss, it just feels good to short this stock. AAPL usually bounces back and forth really fast and I could be getting into trouble here but it is breaking down a support area and there seems to be momentum. Fuck Apple! I HOPE THEY HIT ZERO!!!

– 10/16/14 – SELL AAPL 100 NOV 14 97.5 PUT @4.60
I didn’t want to get caught in some lame AAPL rally so I pulled it off.  I’ll be looking to reload on the next rally for sure. Should’a, could’a, would’a, I could have gotten out at a better price but I traded it right out of the gate. %3 profit after commissions. As soon as I see a squeeze on the 15/30 minute chart I’ll put it on again.