Nov 282014

– BOT SPX 100 DEC2 14 2025 PUT @5.90
With the Swiss Gold Referendum going down with zero news on any main stream media in the US I had to play it. It just seems like another scam to get everyone all warm and cozy about the holidays and shopping that it’s a perfect time to crush the crap out of the market.
This is pretty much the only time I’d ever leave an SPX trade on over night. This is because I feel the referendum will pass, and why wouldn’t it. Aren’t ppl sick and tired of the bull shit with money printing? I already have my “stop” in place in case nothing happens and I got it in at around the same price I bought it for. So while the media has been crushing your brains with Black Friday shopping, I went shopping for a market crash. Stoked cause I should be safe here with a possible minimum loss. At the cash close I’m going into the weekend at %8 profit so my stop at around my cost should hold nicely.


12/1/14 – SOLD SPX 100 DEC2 14 2025 PUT @8.20
I really wanted to just take a profit for fricken once. %38 gain after commissions. Feels good to get a little back from getting hammered last month.