Dec 192014

– SOLD STRANGLE NFLX 100 JAN 15 375/310 CALL/PUT @8.95
NFLX looks like a decent setup for a strangle. My OTM percentage is around %80 on my legs and I’m still getting a lot of credit for it. I’m seeing the stock normalize a little with the market into the next week. Vol may drop which would give me a little profit for a quick trade.  Might take it off right before the holiday.  Left a little extra upside room. Basically everyday that there is a vol contraction the option will lose value because the of theta and vega. So hopefully the stock will stay right around this level for the next couple trading days. If not no prob, I will wait it out and see what I can get later.

12/30/14 – BOT NFLX 100 JAN 15 310 PUT @2.52
12/30/14 – BOT NFLX 100 JAN 15 375 CALL @1.61
This trade rules! I love NFLX! This has been the easiest trade I’ve ever done. As soon as I put it on it was already profitable. Neither leg ever went in the red.
%114 profit after commissions.  Super stoked!

Cool thing is I had put another one of these on a week ago when the vol went back up and it’s kicking major ass!  I’m tempted to put another one on but earnings are coming up next month so the volatility will eventually go up going into that event so I’ll be on the sidelines for a while.