Dec 262014

– SELL DKS 100 FEB 15 52.5 CALL @.90
Got to short Dick’s here. It got rejected off the 51 level and now dropping below the 7 day moving average. It seems to me like it’s not going to be able to get into the upper range and also not being able to keep up with the retail sector which is on fire, this thing is done! Looking for the vol to contract as the stock price goes lower.
I went to Dick’s over the holiday and not only did I see crummy sales clerks sitting around on their cell phones but they got rid of their whole climbing line here just outside of Boulder, along with that the climbing wall is stripped and is now just a piece of garbage taking up space.  Hoping not to have to put a leg in to strangle this one but I may actually sell this back for a profit and buy PUTS if I see it start to tank.
Bye bye Dick’s!


1/6/15 – BOT DKS 100 FEB 15 52.5 CALL @.60
Pulled it off. %43 profit after commissions.