Dec 292014

– BUY TWTR 100 FEB 15 36 PUT @2.89
I’m starting to setup a spread sheet of my major watch list and every weekend I’ll try and update them on which way to play that particular stock for the week.  So this just happened to be one on the list.  Most in this market were labeled to either Buy Puts or Sell Puts.  So this is a good example.  The RSI and Williams Percent R are looking downward and the ImpV is expanding as the stock moves lower,, so what to do?  The only thing I could think of is to Buy Puts because they will gain value as the stock goes down.  If I were to Sell Calls, which seems almost the same, I’d be fighting the vol rising so that would be a struggle to get profitable.  I like twitter but I don’t see it going up for a while.  The stock is coming back down off the 7 day so it could have some trouble getting back up through that range, so I’m looking for a gradual slope downward, with some chop, until the next cycle bracket.

12/30/14 – SELL -TWTR 100 FEB 15 36 PUT @3.10
This thing was rallying with force so I decided to pull it off early before it hit my stop.  Darn it.  %7 profit after commissions.