Dec 312014

– SOLD -1 /ESH5 @2061.75
Happy New Year!  I really wanted to go into 2015 with a bang and here it is. My first futures trade!  The /ES is the mini S&P futures. I sold a future following the last spike going into the close and luckily it never went into a loss. Dropped a bit and I got my stop in at a great level.  So now I can sit back and ride this baby down and if it hits my stop it’s ok because it’s in my profit range. So at worst I’ll get enough profit for a few 30 packs of Genesee.  =)

If you are interested in futures trading you have to hook up with Ben Lichtenstein at tradersaudio who you can also check out in the TOS (Think Or Swim) “Market Cast” chat room and screen share. Big thanks to all those guys.

1/1/15 – BOT +1 /ESH5 @2059.50
Got stopped out after it kept chopping around right on my level. Made enough for a keg. =)

1/2/15 – SOLD -1 /ESH5 @2051.75
Got back in this morning and just got stopped out again.
1/2/15 – BOT +1 /ESH5 @2051.25

1/2/15 – SOLD -1 /ESH5 @2047.25
Scalping here.  Trying to get back in to let it ride but keep getting stopped out.
1/2/15 – BOT +1 /ESH5 @2046.75