Jan 062015

– BOT SPY 100 FEB 15 201 PUT @4.61
Still shorting the market even when it’s already crushed from the last few trading days. Check out the analysis below this chart.

Lots of traders (tasty traders) are out there selling premium looking for normalization but I ain’t seeing it. Let me show you why. I often check the $BPSPX on stock charts and you’ll see it going into the red, but it’s early in the cycle. I was expecting it last week but it was just chopping around and flat. Once it went red on this chart I started getting more short by buying Puts because the vol is increasing still so selling premium now isn’t a good idea in my mind. So what seemed to be a little correction could be a much bigger correction than first thought and without the chart below it is really hard to see it. Hope it helps!

1/6/15 – SOLD SPY 100 FEB 15 201 PUT @4.60
Fucking got stopped out and I had it in the profit range and it filled out below that range cause the spread got $.05 wider.  SHIT! %.05 loss.

1/6/15 – SOLD /ESH5 @2000.75
1/6/15 – BOT /ESH5 @1996.50
I got really pissed off and did a /ES scalp to make up for this stupid rally. Ends up being a little over $200 after commissions.