- 12/30/2005 -
This show is for all the unfortunate people who are not celebrating the New Years with friends. Start this show at exactly 10:58:20pm tonight and celebrate with JVonD Radio. We can all do the count down together. Listen as I get totally plastered and let the party run the show. Many friends stop by my tiny studio to ring in the New Year. I'm still recovering from puking all morning so thats all I'm gonna write. Enjoy!

JVonD - Jeff Layton - TRav - Lucion

Fonz - Kid (tresjefes.com)

Cindy - Kid - Dave Strauss (Flat Cat Records)

"Good Luck Hex" Gaelic Folklore Painting by Cindy

- 12/28/2005 -
The holidays offer little time for the radio show, so check out this filler. You'll see JVonD & Dave Strauss jam in LA and also an old vid from a house party where Double Dipped Sunshine party's down.

- 12/20/2005 -
Putting the spotlight on Billy Beck from Hollywood, CA. Billy has been the man at the Bliss Cafe hosting the "Open Mic" and the "Open Jam" sessions. Listen as JVonD explores his past recording projects and the artists that inspire his style. He also tells stories from unique events in the past. Including his Bonzo story who was his community dog from San Francisco.

- 11/29/2005 -
JVonD welcomes Jeff Layton for a jam. Listen in as they talk about past recording experiences.

- 11/15/2005 -
Listen as JVonD and Kat talk about their adventures at the Portable Media Expo. Lots of good people and partying.

- 11/10/2005 -
Fosco and Jack from the Kickass Podcast visit the studio to do a pre-Expo session. Enjoy the un-planned ramblings and tunes from our collections.

- 11/7/2005 -
Dave Strauss stops over after an evening of open mic night at the Bliss Cafe. Listen to cool electronic music and a whole bunch of K7 voicemail.

- 10/22/2005 -
JVonD & Kat get stoked for the expo by making a demo for the Orange County Podcaster's booth. You'll hear 30 minutes of jams from previous episodes of JVonD Radio. Then enjoy rad tunes from Kat's music collection. This is the first podcast at 112kbps for your listening pleasure. This episode is long as shit!

- 10/18/2005 -
JVonD & Fatso chill out after a stressful week in the city. They play lots of never-heard JVonD jams from 2004 and introduce the new "JVonD Radio" comment line at 206-350-JAMS!

- 10/3/2005 -
Mark Wenzel and Keith Wolter from the band Chromicon stop over to unleash their new heavy metal sounds inspired by video games.

- 9/19/2005 -
Watch the great singer/songwriter/recording artist Dave Strauss. Dave plays tunes from his years of recording projects and shows you his main musical influences. Also listen as JVonD digs deep into Dave's brain trying to stump him with an onslaught of mainstream music. Witness the power of the technical genius "extraordinaire" Kat as she saves the day with her online skills. Enjoy!

- 9/12/2005 -
Listen in as JVonD and Charlie Buscher slam Miller High Life and jam tunes. Kat hangs out in the peanut gallary, works on beer projects, and does quality control making sure theres enough beer being dranken.

- 9/5/2005 -
DJ Sub1 and Euro DJ from Los Angeles stop by to mix it up. Listen in as Euro DJ spin's Trance and DJ Sub1 scratches fatalities.

- 8/27/2005 -
Kat stops by to have a super beer and play some super music.

- 8/19/2005 -
JVonD Radio showcases the electronic sounds of Raymond Villegas. Listen in while Raymond plays his keyboard and guitar as JVonD fills the gaps. Also hear music from Raymond's tape and CD collection.

- 8/16/2005 -
Listen in as JVonD Radio explores the history of Keith Wolter.

- 8/8/2005 -
JVonD Radio takes a chill and plays a bunch of cool tunes while hanging out with Justin Chart.

- 8/1/2005 -
JVonD Radio spotlights Sharon Giarratano and Mark Wheeler from the Long Beach band Slush Box. Listen to their jam with JVonD, music from their projects, and an interview from the Long Beach Artwalk.

- 7/24/2005 -
JVonD welcomes Chris Taylor from the band Double Dipped Sunshine. Listen to his amazing sonic searing guitar anthems over JVonD's electronic dance music as they play live for you in the studio. Plus hear lots of other music and silly talk about their lives. 2 hours were needed for this special, most anticipated by JVonD, show. Enjoy!!

- 7/18/2005 -
JVonD welcomes Keith Wolter and Justin Chart from the "Citrus Jam", the new group of artists from Hollywood, CA. This is the Jazz show! We talk about the influences that shape the sound of the Citrus Jam.

- 7/11/2005 -
JVonD welcomes Charlie Buscher and the new Peanut Gallery. We venture into the influences of Charlie Buscher's music. Also listen to the first "Live" jam podcast by the NoN-Jon Defectors.

- 7/6/2005 -
JVonD welcomes his cat "Fatso" to co-host the guitar influence show. Listen to the top 5 guitar influences that created the weird trippy style of JVonD. Also hear JVonD tunes ranging from 1993 to 2005 with discriptions and how they relate to the other artists music.

- 6/30/2005 -
PoP! a cold one and hang out with JVonD and Fatso Kitty. Hear music from the 7/23/04 jam session with the band Diet Christ featuring Phil Savell on synth guitar. JVonD updates his pick of the week by selecting a Bagadoosch jam from Christmas day in 2001. For his Widespread buddies he plays tunes, that he doesn't even know the names of, and dances his ass off while singing words he doesn't know. Go figure.. Listen in on an interview with the lead members of the band Diet Christ to get to know them a little better and also hear a JVonD jam from the Artwalk, 6/11/05. Enjoy!!

- 6/27/2005 -
JVonD Returns to LA from the Colorado Belt disc golf weekend with a bunch of Widespread Panic recordings.

- 6/20/2005 -
JVonD welcomes KaRi from "theprimespot.com" as a special guest co-host. Hear music from the back country of Colorado while JVonD and KaRi celebrate the Disc Golf/Widespread Panic party weekend. JVonD invites the best Disc Golfers in Copper Moutnain history to show up and show their stuff. The tournament consitsts of Badlands, Avarda West, and the Leadville Disc Golf coarses making for a great challenge. Witness Mike Kelly take on The Champ JVonD for the "Colorado Belt". After the rounds of disc golf there will be Widespread Panic concerts at Red Rocks! Also music from Ryan Gilmour and Chris Taylor from "Double Dipped Sunshine" also Chris Lafleur from "CO Players" jamming above 11,000' in elavation. JVonD plays tunes from his Widespread Panic personal recordings. Best Redrocks shows ever!

- 6/16/2005 -
JVonD welcomes Charlie Buscher from the NoN-Jon Defectors as a special guest co-host. Hear music dating back to 1992 and in depth decriptions of jams and the life that created such music.

- 6/14/2005 -
JVonD plays April Artwalk tunes, welcomes Tom Mitchell from the Over-Reactors, and starts the new "live radio" format for the show.

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