Jun 232015

The guys talk about the good times over the crazy weekend. Jam packed with disc golf , partying, spiritweaver, and the debut of the chester.

Jun 072015

Captain Chris B. Olds the “Drumulator” joins JVonD for some zen jams. The guys talk about his new studio and Sonar setup and then enjoy his new deep smooth sounds. JVonD jams out some old tunes and mixes down some homemade scratch samples. Later Citrus drops by to talk some disc golf.

Apr 062015

The guys talk to ScoB about jams and keyboards. JVonD and Aphonix jam it up and also get pumped for the Belt Disc Golf season with short videos from previous years. Closing out the show with ScoB jamming before a power outage shuts everything down.

Jan 042015

JVonD welcomes Mike Brooks and jams the bubbles tune. Later he’s joined by Aphonix and Niles for a nice jamming. Also new release from Bounce Bait.

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