Oct 262016

JVonD gives you a wealth of trading tips. He explains the importance of using longer term volume profile charts to help catch long trends and how to use that with his new trading checklist. And much much more!


Oct 182016

Grains – Pull back maybe coming up on the 3 main grains. Wheat, Corn, and Beans. If they form a handle and break out it could be the real deal. Watch out for the Over-Bought in a Weak Trending Market.
Oats – This is the one I’ve been waiting for. The only future that might meet all 10 criteria of my check list so I need to stay in it for the long haul if possible. It came down and stopped me out for a good gain but then it found some buyers and I jumped back on when it formed the handle and broke out. I’m long Oats both in the front month and in the H7 contract and both are preforming nicely.
Cotton – Let’s see if cotton can sustain this push.
Coffee – Just triggered a break out long. The coffee trade seems more like a small swing than a nice big long, when running through the check list, but let’s see if the ADX can breach 30.
Live Cattle – Looking nice off the bottom. Nice gradual rise. 3 days had tests of whole dollar figure. 98 test, 99 test, 100 test so I’ll be looking for a reset here around 97.25 and then look for a handle break out to get a good long. This could be a huge trade.
Hogs – Holy crap! New lows in hogs! It’s insane. Tomorrow will be exciting in the Hog Market.


Screenshot - 10_18_2016 , 3_03_58 PM

Oct 172016

I’m formatting a great check list for Mid/Long term futures swing trading. It uses a combination longer term technical analysis and the Commitments Of Traders reports. Anyone can use it and I highly recommend using the barchart templates listed on my Trade Buddies Live page. I have the check list in different formats and will probably be using them on the shows in the near future if I find some good setups so if you need the check list in a different format please let me know. Right now I’d recommend filling out a check list on Oats and see if it’s good..?
Here’s an example with Corn because I’m watching the AG’s like a hawk and I may make a code that you can add up to give you a good setup for short/Med/Long term trades.

Swing Trade Check List - ZC

4 out of 10 isn’t a good looking setup but sometimes fundamentals and certain levels do play a big part…  Good luck!

Aug 142016

JVonD and Aphonix get back to jamming after a busy spring.  Lots of experimental music and Octatrack/Synth talk. Plus a few clips from the Colorado Belt.

May 012016

Badass beats and jams by the Drumulator and JVonD. Lots and lots of tech talk and A/V clips. Desktop Presenter has finally come alive. The Legend in the HOUSE! Even a new release by Sophie Geminid!!

Feb 102016

OMG this is absolute madness! A market anomaly that is the most insane thing. SPY 185!
Or wait that SoyBean 999.75 thing was just as crazy. But anyway,, the 185 level for SPY is pretty heavy duty, and now it’s a very obvious thing. If you haven’t noticed, today is the 3rd day in a row of the SPY close at 185. Think it’s a coincidence? In the most volatility market in a long time what are chances it will close 185 3 days in a row.  WTF!

Where do I begin..?

Check out the SPY daily.


Huge gaps and huge runs, but wait… Today’s action was real weird. Yellen spoke and the market went nuts and spiked way up to break to new session highs, but then look.


The /ES squeezed all fricken day on the 15min, of coarse until the end of the day when they stuck it to the 185 on SPY. When have you seen that before? Plus this morning crude dropped into the 27 range and it would usually take the market to lower levels, but the market didn’t give a shit cause Yellen opened her big mouth.


But the Yellen noise was again a huge backfire. The price action of the after hours market on the /ES has been almost as big as the daily. Nuts!  The gaps have been huge.

So this is just some weird BS that I’ve notice the last few days. Here’s some posts from the last couple days to sum it all up.

2/9/16 –2016-02-10_16-28-53

2/8/16 –




So look out below. I don’t think we can hold this 185 for to much longer.

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