Nov 022016

I was interested to see how big 100,000 ton’s of corn really is. I get export updates emailed to me daily that look like this.


Found a vid of a crap load of corn.

Oct 262016

JVonD gives you a wealth of trading tips. He explains the importance of using longer term volume profile charts to help catch long trends and how to use that with his new trading checklist. And much much more!


Aug 132016

The DJI fricken finally hit an all-time new high on Thursday. I’ve been patiently waiting cause it seems to be the major index that’s been trying to play catch up. So now being short is a little easier for me.

Will it get to the upper trendline?  Maybe but I doubt it.


It’s showing a little trend in this push up but if it breaks my moving-averages then I will be looking for an extended short swing trade on the DEC future contracts. But which one should I choose?


At a quick glance is seems the NQ is the most over-baked at this point with it being extremely over bought for the last, I donno, month! WTF!  It’s really hard to say.  Pic your poison. I like how the TF is looking just cause I really don’t think it’s got much left in it and it seems the weakest. If it does go then I’l be looking for a solid 1200 test then an extended push into the lower value area and a test of 1150.


I do like how the NDX is so over-extended and a close below the old high of 4740 would be a great sign of more short sided trades all the way back to 4500.


The SPX is stupid. I’m sick of this index but as you can see it too is over extended and I do have short orders in a little higher up just for the hell of it.


Either way this market is ridiculous and I won’t be going long, besides the occasional scalp when they kill the bears.

Jun 282016

BUY /ZOZ6 @202.25
Well, I’m going for it again. Contracts are changing over and shit looks good for the oats trade. You have to look at the December contract otherwise the chart looks completely different. 200 seems like a huge support and after the stupid BREXIT ripped the dollar and brought down commodities she should be good. I’m a little concerned with a report coming out on Thursday but for the most part the COT and crop progress seems a bit bullish. I’m really hoping the other grains start rallying again, that would help..


6/30/16 – SELL /ZOZ6 @202.25
I had to pull it off cause of a big crop report coming out.


Feb 102016

OMG this is absolute madness! A market anomaly that is the most insane thing. SPY 185!
Or wait that SoyBean 999.75 thing was just as crazy. But anyway,, the 185 level for SPY is pretty heavy duty, and now it’s a very obvious thing. If you haven’t noticed, today is the 3rd day in a row of the SPY close at 185. Think it’s a coincidence? In the most volatility market in a long time what are chances it will close 185 3 days in a row.  WTF!

Where do I begin..?

Check out the SPY daily.


Huge gaps and huge runs, but wait… Today’s action was real weird. Yellen spoke and the market went nuts and spiked way up to break to new session highs, but then look.


The /ES squeezed all fricken day on the 15min, of coarse until the end of the day when they stuck it to the 185 on SPY. When have you seen that before? Plus this morning crude dropped into the 27 range and it would usually take the market to lower levels, but the market didn’t give a shit cause Yellen opened her big mouth.


But the Yellen noise was again a huge backfire. The price action of the after hours market on the /ES has been almost as big as the daily. Nuts!  The gaps have been huge.

So this is just some weird BS that I’ve notice the last few days. Here’s some posts from the last couple days to sum it all up.

2/9/16 –2016-02-10_16-28-53

2/8/16 –




So look out below. I don’t think we can hold this 185 for to much longer.

Oct 012015

SELL STRANGLE M 100 NOV 15 57.5/42.5 CALL/PUT @1.60
Man I don’t want to do options right now,, but I couldn’t resist. It’s %100 IV and not near earnings. Implied volatility threw the roof. I couldn’t get filled at first so I drop the price one cent off mid price and filled. The trade never went in the red and I’m currently up %5 at the end of the trading day. I got $1.60 for it and that’s with a %80 probability of profit. Weighted to the down side a bit but that’s great cause if the price goes up it will flush out some volatility making the option’s lose value and if it goes down, well the call’s should lose value more than the puts will gain value with a -36 delta.  I think 52/53 will be a good settle down price for a couple weeks.


11/3/15 – BOT STRANGLE M 100 NOV 15 57.5/42.5 CALL/PUT @1.06
Got out today. Nice trade but man the stupid volatility kept popping back up for no apparent reason so what was a %50 winner became much less. Now with the earnings coming up, which also wasn’t apparent till today, I wanted to pull it off.

Aug 262015

– BOT +1 /6EZ5 1/125000 OCT 15 /6EV5 1.16 CALL @.0096
Here she is folks! The “RockinJay Euro Bull Run” trade! I thought it was a good looking trade because I could hedge with a cheap /DX call option but when I tried to put on the trade I realized that the /DX options weren’t tradeable. Please watch the Trade Buddies Live episode labeled “Euro Bull Run” to understand the trade better and why I’m in because this trade goes against a lot of my newer trading rules that I’ve been talking about on the show. Here’s why I’m a little freaked out. It pulled back and close below the 200 DMA following what seems to be a huge failed attempt at break out above. It’s over bought on the slow stochastic. The DI’s are retreating toward each other for a possible crossover. In my mind this will most likely test the 111 support.  Reminds me of what happened to beans.


It doesn’t even look as good as beans was back then when you consider 2 big engulfing candles on high volume to close below the 200 DMA. Well, “I’m scared”, but for the sake of learning I will leave the trade on and test my intestinal fortitude, like Rick says.  hehe


The next morning..


8/31/15 – RockinJay asked for an updated chart after 3 days.  Here it is…

9/2/2015 – Getting worse.  hehe  I don’t think Draghi helped my situation this morning


%100 loser! RockinJay this trade sucked dude! 😉