Jul 062018

A recent article talks about how Gartman admits to being wrong about his short position on the S&P 500, and got stopped out, so by all means you may want to consider loading the boat short now! ūüėČ
Gartman is known by many as having horrible calls on the markets, especially crude oil. Thing to keep in mind in this crazy market is “Expect The Unexpected”.

Aug 132016

The DJI¬†fricken finally hit an all-time new high on Thursday. I’ve been patiently waiting cause it seems to be¬†the major index that’s been trying to¬†play catch up. So now being short is a little easier for me.

Will it get to the upper trendline?  Maybe but I doubt it.


It’s showing a little trend in this push up but if it breaks my moving-averages then¬†I will be looking for an extended short swing trade on the DEC future contracts. But which one should I choose?


At a quick glance is seems the¬†NQ is the most over-baked at this point with it being extremely over bought for the last, I donno, month! WTF! ¬†It’s really hard to say. ¬†Pic your poison. I like how the TF is looking just cause I really don’t think it’s got much left in it and it seems the weakest. If it does go then I’l be looking for a solid 1200 test then an extended push into the lower value area and a test of 1150.


I do like how the NDX is so over-extended and a close below the old high of 4740 would be a great sign of more short sided trades all the way back to 4500.


The SPX is stupid. I’m sick of this index but as you can see it too is over extended and I do have short orders in a little higher up just for the hell of it.


Either way this market is ridiculous and I won’t be going long, besides the occasional scalp when they kill the bears.

Jul 162015

–¬†BOT DBL DIAG SPX 100 (Weeklys) AUG2 15/JUL5 15 2120/2120/2130/2110 CALL/PUT/CALL/PUT @25.20
Here’s a new technique that I learn from Mark Dannenberg. It’s a double diagonal AKA: Market Tamer that he likes. It’s mainly for low volatility chop areas on the majors. These trades are to be pulled off very early so I’ll be looking to pull it off probably mid next week, or¬†maybe Monday the 27th but I won’t be holding long at all it if I think it’s gonna a rocky road. Also you are supposed to pull it off if it goes 10 points through one of your short strikes and take a loss. The market is kinda moving fast though so I may have to pull it off very quickly. The premise of the trade is to have the short sided options decay much faster than the further out long ones.

May 042015

–¬†SOLD IRON CONDOR SPX 100 JUN 15 2155/2165/2005/1995 CALL/PUT @4.55
Well, as discussed on the last Trade Buddies Live we found that the buying power of an SPX iron condor was much lower than the SPY strangles. I put on a couple of them today.

Here’s a little discussion when asking the MarketCast chat room about trading the SPX.

14:04 JVonD: Anyone have any cautions doing SPX iron condors? Just curious. Seems like a nice trade.
14:05 Mark: JVon – I tried for quality fills for 4 days, and never got em – no me gusta SPX
14:06 ‚ąö‚ąöAnnAbabe‚ąö‚ąö: JV cautions?
14:06 JVonD: Thanks Mark. I got filled on some today a few clicks under mid price… Not to sure about them but it seems a lot nicer than my SPY strangles. Less buying power, just weird spreads.
14:06 ‚ąö‚ąöAnnAbabe‚ąö‚ąö: don’t do SPX options > tough to fill and tought to out fill
14:06 Mark: and JVon.. the ‘income trade’ of IC’ing the big indies, has been touted for a long time… make nice conservative 5% / month.. then once, every 1 months, get et snmooooshed, and lose it all, and more
14:07 Mark: RUT is the index they used to tought the most
14:07 JVonD: cool thanks a bunch.

5/7/15 –¬†BUY IRON CONDOR SPX 100 JUN 15 2155/2165/2005/1995 CALL/PUT @4.05
Pulled it off today. That was fast! ¬†Thing is, the market looks extremely week in my mind and it is to risky to stay in. ¬†If this thing were to tank the volatility would probably pop huge and blow out my pricing and I’d be stuck in the trade through an entire¬†crash or would need to bail and I wouldn’t want to sit on it for possibly months by rolling my put side. %10 profit.

Nov 282014

–¬†BOT SPX 100 DEC2 14 2025 PUT @5.90
With the Swiss Gold¬†Referendum¬†going down with zero news on any main stream media in the US I had to play it. It just seems like another scam to get everyone all warm and cozy about the holidays and shopping that it’s a perfect time to crush the crap out of the market.
This is pretty much the only time I’d ever leave an SPX trade on over night. This is because I feel the referendum will pass, and why wouldn’t it. Aren’t ppl sick and tired of the bull shit with money printing? I already have my “stop” in place in case nothing happens and I got it in at around the same price I bought it for. So while the media has been crushing your brains with Black Friday shopping, I went shopping for a market crash. Stoked cause I should be safe here with a possible minimum loss. At the cash close I’m going into the weekend at %8 profit so my stop at around my cost should hold nicely.


12/1/14 –¬†SOLD SPX 100 DEC2 14 2025 PUT @8.20
I really wanted to just take a profit for fricken once. %38 gain after commissions. Feels good to get a little back from getting hammered last month.