Nov 012015

After a long weekend of disc golfing in the DEDGC the guys do some major jamming.

Oct 042015

The Drumulator, Aphonix, Oblivion, and the Boulder Legend join JVonD for some jams. The guys take Octatrack turntablism to a whole new level.

Sep 082015

JVonD and Aphonix jam it out Arnold style. Also joined by Matthieu Lafontaine. The guys talk about scratching techniques, new portable synths, and cool sampling sounds.

May 052015

JVonD and Aphonix go into an in depth discussion on how awesome the Octatrack is. They jam their new programs and hope that they finally have the song structure that they have been hoping for. The guys also debut the first song by Sophie Geminid.

Nov 032013

Citrus Man and Aphonix join JVonD for some jamming on the “Come Back Tour”. The come back from incompetence!

Oct 062013

Aphonix and Citrus Man join JVonD for a night of music tech talk and jamming. Also a clip of Silent Bear jamming at the Wake Of The Flood show at the Fox Theater. JVonD and Aphonix jam with brand new Octatrack setups.

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